Winter Texans

Heated Pool and Winter Rates

Looking to escape from a cold winter?

Migrate south to South Padre Island and what you’ll experience is not just a mild winter but also the magic of a seaside resort at a much more affordable price than can be had in summer.

South Padre Island

Save with seasonal rates

Seasonal rates go down as things get quiet on the island after Labor Day and everywhere you go you get more personalized attention as there are no more lines to wait in. There’ll be other material benefits as well. The sun will be more merciful; you’ll see more migratory birds in a sky often streaked with more color; on some days it might feel like all four miles of the island’s beautiful white sand beach are yours alone.


Enjoy perfectly mild temperatures

The weather will be noticeably milder than anywhere up North, not just because of the island's temperate latitude but also because of the moderating effects of the Gulf of Mexico. You’ll likely need no more than a windbreaker and a sweater, as lows seldom dip below 50 even in the dead of night and as the average high in December is a heavenly 72.


Discover many things to see and do

You’ll also find that South Padre Island offers a rich variety of things to do, including all manner of recreational activities from fishing to sailing to windsurfing to snorkeling to horseback riding to dolphin watching to parasailing. And in a long chain of nearby towns are still more things to do. You can play golf in Port Isabel and Laguna Vista; you can eat Mexican food just across the border in Matamoros; in Brownsville you can tour one of the best small zoos in the world. And, while on the island, meeting kindred spirits from other Northern climes will doubtless be yet another source of enjoyment for you.


Experience new bonds of friendship

One of the best places to be a Winter Texan on South Padre Island is the Marisol. We have a wonderful community of Winter Texans who consider the Marisol their winter home. One of our most popular amenities among our Winter Texans is our heated pool. Also very popular are the Marisol’s well-appointed, individualized condominiums, beautiful architecture, and lush tropical gardens. With the outdoor temperature at a perfect 72, in short-sleeve shirts you’ll sit with your spouse beside the heated pool, chatting with some of our other Winter Texans, you will soon lose yourself in laughing like children at each other's stories.